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Fix Your Child’s Damaged Teeth

Cute little girl getting dental crowns in Inver Grove Heights

Accidents can and do happen when kids are involved. After all, children don’t have the same experience as adults — it’s only natural that they get into tight spots. As such, your tykes might suffer from decayed or damaged teeth. That said, little ones don’t have to live with broken smiles. With help from Dr. Strumpf and co., they can get dental crowns in Inver Grove Heights! These prosthetics would protect your children’s teeth while also restoring their appearance. Just read or call the Mighty Molars office today to learn more!

What is a Dental Crown?

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Put simply, a dental crown is a small, tooth-shaped “cap” that fits over a weakened tooth. By relying on zirconium material, it protects the affected area while restoring your pearly white’s look. Given these functions, the restoration is ideal for child patients who:

  • Have a large cavity that a filling can’t treat
  • Suffer from a severe dental injury
  • Experience a weakened smile that needs extra support to prevent fracturing
  • Just received root canal therapy
  • Want to address a severe cosmetic imperfection

Depending on their needs, we’ll walk you and your kiddo through the crown process to ensure ideal service.

The Dental Crown Process

A 3D illustration of placed dental crowns in Inver Grove Heights

Before anything else, you and your child will consult Dr. Strumpf to confirm if a crown is the best choice. This process will involve a discussion of relevant smile goals, oral health needs, medical history, etc. Based on the received feedback, our team can then decide if a crown seems right. Furthermore, we’ll also learn whether your little one needs pre-treatment preventive work.

If we proceed with crown placement, the treatment will follow several steps. For starters, Dr. Strumpf will remove bits of your child’s tooth enamel. (Doing so lets him lay the crown flush with surrounding teeth.) He’ll then take a dental impression of your kiddie’s smile. While said impression is used to make the final crown, the child will wear a temporary one for a few weeks. We’ll then place the completed crown over your kid’s tooth when it’s finally ready.

Remember: Once the crown is placed, Dr. Strumpf will explain how best to care for it. Therefore, try to listen to these instructions on your child’s behalf.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

A cute little girl who got dental crowns in Inver Grove Heights

After treatment, a child will experience several perks from their new dental crown. Some of the most common ones include the following:

  • A Great-Looking Smile: Because zirconia is tooth-colored, a dental crown will restore your kiddie’s smile without being eye-catching or distracting.
  • Tooth Protection: A dental crown protects a tooth’s damaged area from harmful bacteria. Consequently, it keeps the pearly white from needing invasive procedures later — root canal therapy, tooth extraction, etc.
  • High Comfort: A crown “caps” a tooth’s jagged area, improving your mouth’s comfort and overall chewing ability.
  • Long-Lasting Results: A well-maintained crown can last for 15 years or more.

Ultimately, dental crowns in Inver Grove Heights could help your child’s smile. That being the case, book a visit to our office today!