Sedation Dentistry – Inver Grove Heights, MN

Helping Your Child Beat Their Dental Fears

Child practicing tooth brushing after sedation dentistry visit

Do you have a child who’s so afraid of the pediatric dentist’s office that it gets in the way of even the most straightforward checkups? At Mighty Molars Pediatric Dental, there’s no need to fear – sedation dentistry is here! With nitrous oxide or IV sedation, we can help even the most anxious child relax and enjoy their visit. And for longer procedures, general anesthesiology can help them sleep soundly while we work on their teeth. Give us a call to learn more about our options for sedation dentistry at our Inver Grove Heights, MN pediatric dental office and whether they’re right for your little one.

Why Choose Mighty Molars Pediatric Dental for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Multiple Relaxing Sedation Options
  • Special Needs Patients Welcomed
  • Friendly Neighborhood Pediatric Dentist

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Child receiving nitrous oxide dental sedation treatment

This is one of the most common types of sedation used by dentists. If your child is only slightly afraid or needs a little bit of help to stay comfortable, nitrous oxide can be a great option. The sedative is inhaled through a small nasal mask; in just two or three minutes, your child’s anxieties will be gone, and they’ll be ready for their treatment. The effects wear off quickly afterward, so your little one will be able to go back to school straight away if they need to.

IV dental Sedation

I V dental sedation drip

Children with more extreme dental fears or those that have a hard time sitting still for longer treatments may be eligible for IV sedation. We’ll gently inject the sedative into your little one’s hand or arm; in a short amount of time, they’ll be extremely relaxed without actually falling asleep. (They may doze off, but we can wake them up if that happens.) Plan on taking your child home to rest after your visit, as it will take a while for the sedation to wear off.

General Anesthesiology

Child taking medication before general anesthesia visit

Unlike nitrous oxide and IV sedation, general anesthesia is meant to put patients in a sleep-like state. It’s mainly used for procedures that take a long time or are particularly complex. Your child’s vital signs will be closely monitored the entire time that they’re under the effects of general anesthesia, and our team will make sure they remain safe from the beginning to the end of their visit. Before a visit involving general anesthesia, we’ll give you some instructions for making sure your child is prepared beforehand.