Frenectomies – Inver Grove Heights, MN

An Easy Solution For Lip & Tongue -Tie

Baby smiling after frenectomies

A frenectomy is the procedure used to correct a lip or tongue-tie. Dr. Strumpf has performed it on countless children, teens, and adults over the years, including his oldest daughter. He knows firsthand the struggles these issues can cause, which is why he is happy to offer fast, effective, and pain-free treatment using a soft-tissue laser. To learn more about how frenectomies at our Inver Grove Heights, MN dental office work, read on below.

Why Choose Mighty Molars Pediatric Dental for Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment?

  • Quick & Comfortable Laser Frenectomies
  • Babies Able to Feed the Same Day
  • Minimal Recovery Time

Common Symptoms

Animated smile showing lip and tongue tie symptoms

Lip and tongue-ties are most often diagnosed in infants who have trouble breast or bottle feeding. Typically, they are unable to adequately latch onto the nipple and create a steady flow of milk or formula. Feeding can also be uncomfortable, causing them to become fussy or cut sessions short. For older children and adults, these issues can lead to speech problems, difficulty chewing and digesting, and even interfere with the development of the teeth (a lip-tie is often the cause of a sizeable gap between the two front teeth).

Benefits of Early Intervention

Mother and baby laughing and enjoying the benefits of early intervention

Addressing a lip or tongue-tie early is ideal for both children and parents because treatment removes potential developmental roadblocks and enables a baby to get the nutrition they need at feedings. For breastfeeding moms, it also allows them to better bond with their child and make mealtime pleasant again.

The Frenectomy Process

Child sleeping after the frenectomy process

If you believe that your child has a lip or tongue-tie, simply schedule an appointment at Mighty Molars Pediatric Dental. Thanks to his experience, Dr. Strumpf will be able to determine whether or not your child has either of these conditions, and depending on your schedule, he can perform the frenectomy that same day. You’ll be given brief recovery instructions and asked to come in for a progress check about a week later.

Laser Frenectomy

Child with healthy smile after laser frenectomy

In the past, excess oral tissue like lip and tongue-ties were removed using surgical scissors. As you can imagine, this isn’t exactly comfortable (especially for babies). Fortunately, with our soft tissue laser, Dr. Strumpf can precisely and gently release a lip or tongue-tie while minimizing pain, bleeding, and swelling to the point that they basically don’t exist. Most children need minimal anesthetic to stay completely comfortable throughout the process, which normally only takes a few minutes. The child should be able to feed right afterward without issue!

Frenectomy FAQs

The thought of having your little one undergo a procedure can feel intimidating and can leave you with many questions. At Mighty Molars Pediatric Dental, we want you and your child to feel completely comfortable and confident about their care, which is why we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about frenectomies in Inver Grove Heights right here for your reference. Do you have other questions that aren’t listed below? Would you like to discuss these questions in more depth with Dr. Strumpf? Don’t hesitate to bring them up during your appointment!

How Does a Soft Tissue Laser Work?

At first, this laser technology can seem like it’s coming straight out of science fiction, but it really works! With this highly concentrated beam of light, Dr. Strumpf gently cuts and cauterizes the tissue simultaneously, which again means there’s very little bleeding or discomfort for your child during the procedure. The entire process usually only takes a matter of minutes to complete. As a result, your little one is able to heal more quickly than they would with a traditional frenectomy.

Why Do We Recommend Breastfeeding Immediately After a Laser Frenectomy?

For infants or babies who are still nursing, we encourage breastfeeding mothers to nurse basically right after the frenectomy procedure because most babies adapt almost instantly. With improved oral function, they achieve better suction and enjoy this naturally comforting bond, making this experience more successful for everyone. Plus, there are many nutrients in breastmilk that can facilitate healing even more!

Will My Child Need a Local Anesthetic for the Frenectomy Procedure?

In many cases, local anesthetic becomes unnecessary because the laser is gentle enough without it. However, we do have it available to ensure that your child feels at ease throughout the entire process. If you believe that your child could benefit from this anesthetic, feel free to tell us about your concerns. Dr. Strumpf and the rest of our team will do what we can to meet your child’s needs in the least invasive way possible.

What Is the Aftercare Like for a Frenectomy?

Although recovering from a laser frenectomy is much easier than recuperating from a traditional frenectomy, there are a few things parents may need to do to help their little ones after undergoing this procedure. For instance, you may be instructed to do minor stretching exercises with their newly released tongue or upper lip for a couple of days afterward to make sure that tissue doesn’t reattach. We’ll let you know what you’ll need to do at home so that your child can heal properly!